HD, feature documentary, color, 2015.

American Golfer is a feature length documentary about a filmmaker’s quest to strengthen her rocky relationship with her father through golf.  Dad is a retired physician living in Atlanta, Georgia; she’s an independent filmmaker living in Venice Beach, California.  He’s an avid golfer who’s played his entire life at private clubs; she’s new to the game and plays a public course near the airport.  He’s an impatient tough customer; she loses all confidence around him. 

Leading up to her first official round of golf with her dad, the filmmaker/newbie golfer turns the camera on herself as she struggles and duffs, but as she learns and improves, she begins experiencing moments of magic and an appreciation for a game that had eluded her most of her life.  As an improved golfer, she returns to her hometown of Atlanta, where she and her father square off mano-a-mano for the first time.  As in any important golf competition, emotions run high and nerves come unraveled.  With each hole there is something to be discovered, whether a life lesson, a surprise victory or loss or just a funny moment on the golf course between two dynamic but very different people. 

Discussions with well-known golfers and other experts highlight these pivotal moments on the course as she faces her own questions about golf as it relates to her family, the environment, its growing cultural diversity and popularity, what the future of golf looks like, and of course, how to improve her own game both mentally and physically. At the end of 18 holes, who is victorious?  It’s golf, so anything can happen.  But outscoring her father may not be the ultimate victory. 



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